Rockier Sublime

I’m kind of embarrassed to put this one up. But I decided to be (fairly) completist about this project.

This is soon after I got my Kawai K1 and 4-track tape. It’s me playing and I’m excruciatingly out of time. I seem to be incapable of even a basic timekeeping by hand.

I guess because it’s … er … “live” it’s sort of rockier than the programmed tunes. Somehow I went for electric guitar and bass sounds and acoustic drums and toms.

A couple of nice touches. I like the intro, which made it into the repertoire and reappears in some other versions. I also like some of the cadences, and the high, pure plucked harp that plays bits of the Victoriana and a new counter-melody in the transposed section.

I’m intrigued as to whether a real band could play the loop. Is the riff in its pure form easy or hard on a guitar I wonder?

(BTW : I also like the fact that this version doesn’t have a Lost in Wonder. Shows that that isn’t, ultimately, an essential of what this loop is about.)

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